Frank has been designing and creating Stained Glass Art since 1975. What started as a hobby evolved into a commercial studio, crafting window installations for restaurants, churches and private collectors. Frank's ability to work with glass and color has been an individual journey; having worked for a commercial glass repair company for two years where he learned the basics. He now designs windows, lamps and autonomous panels as though he is painting.

Frank has studied with many artists over the years and has taken design and color theory courses at the college level. In the past he has studied glass design with Paul Marioni, an influential artist from Seattle and Narcissus Quagliata, a world renown artist from Mexico City. He is currently studying oil and pastel painting.

Frank enjoys commission work and meeting with clients and guiding them through the process of discovering what is possible in glass.

The below video clip is from an appearance Frank made on WSKG TV in Binghamton, NY (November 2014):